Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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married Fanny E. Mason who, also, was born in England in 1880. Ernest and Fanny were married in their homeland in 1905 and had one son, Edwin (T eddy), who was born in England in 1906. In March 1909 they came to Canada settling around the Neepawa area. Stephen Benson took them to his farm south of Neepawa and they became his hired hands. Finally they started farming on their own and rented farms in the Hallboro, Brookdale, and Mentmore areas for a number of years. In 1920 they bought SW 15-13-15 in the Oberon district. By that time they had a family of four - Edwin, Albert, Edna and Bill. The two oldest attended Freeland School. Edwin developed diabetes and died at the age of 12 in 1919. After their move to Oberon district Albert, Edna and Bill attended Oberon School. Their father served on the board of trustees from 1923 to 1927 when they sold the farm and moved to the G. W. Hall place (S and NE 35-13- ~5) in Hallboro district. At first they rented the land and bought it later. They acquired SW 36-13-15 soon after. Edna and Bill finished their education at Hallboro School.

Ernest and Fanny finally had to retire from the farm due to failing health. In January 1962 they took up residence in the Carberry Care Home. Ernie passed away in October 1963. After East View Lodge was constructed in 1967, Mrs. Blackburn came to it to live near her family. She passed away in June 1970. She and her husband made one trip back to their native land in 1950 by ship - being accompanied by Scotty Burnett, the Davies and the Batchelors. They enjoyed their visit with their remaining relatives and friends after 40 years in Canada.

Albert, their second son, was born in 1911 and farmed with his father for a short time. Then he worked out on farms and finally went to Timmons, Ontario where he worked in the mines. Later he went into the dry cleaning business. When his health started to fail, they moved to Hanover, Ontario and became an antique dealer besides other jobs. He married Jane Armstrong in 1938 and had two children, Ted and Susan. He passed away in Dec. 1985.

Edna helped at home with the farming chores until her marriage to Gordon Dudenhoffer in 1942.

They farmed on W 20-14-13 in the Lansdowne Municipality south of Arden. They had two sons, Alan and Glen, who both took over the farming operations. Gordon and Edna moved to Neepawa in 1976. Gordon passed away in July 1983. Glen married Treasure Suski (nee Bradley) in 1981 and they have two girls, Carla Dawn (1982) and Tammy Jade (1984). Alan, still single, is on the home place.

William (Bill)Blackburn farmed with his parents and later took over the farm. He married Donalda Smith of Neepawa. In 1976 he retired from farming due to poor health and sold his land to the Murray brothers of Mentmore.


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