Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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James Albines Boles, better known as Bine, was born November 18, 1878 in a log house with a sod roof and a dirt floor. He was the second eldest son of J. Harry and Ursula Boles and one of a family of 14 children - seven boys and seven girls. He was the first white child to be born on the Carberry Plains.

Elizabeth (Meredith) and William Switzer were the first couple married on the Carberry Plains.

Their daughter Emma and Bine Boles were married in Brandon November 2, 1904. Bine had the west quarter of his farm in the Brookdale Consolidated School District.

They had seven of a family - six daughters and one son. Charlotte, the eldest, started school in the old Harburn School. When Brookdale consolidated, Charlotte went to Montrose School, later taking her higher education in Brookdale in the old school that was burned. Charlotte married Walter Gray (deceased). They made their home in Winnipeg. Walter worked as an electrician for the Crescent Creamery. They had two children - Phyllis who married George Heath, a fireman in Winnipeg and John who married Myrtle McDonald and lives in Winnipeg. Florence married Richard Fletcher (deceased) and they farmed at Lyleton, retiring to Melita.

Ursula married Kare Bow. a carpenter at Neepawa, later moving to Selkirk. They had five children - Alvin of Selkirk, Harvey of Edmonton, Raymond of Winnipeg, Alice of Selkirk and Karen of Winnipeg.

Emma (deceased) took schooling at Montrose and Brookdale, married Otto Kronborg (deceased) a farmer of St. George. They had two sons - Glen of Winnipeg and Keith the youngest, took over the farm and Emma retired to Winnipeg.

Edith took her education at Montrose and Brookdale. She married Bill Christison and they took over his dad''s farm south and east of Oberon.

They had three sons - Jim works for the Manitoba Hydro at Selkirk, Alex married Lynn Harris of Holland. He moved a trailer home to his dad''s farm and farms with his dad. Garth married Donna Christie of Glenboro and works for Manitoba Pool Elevators at Harte.

Bessie married John Smart (deceased) and farmed north of Harte where their son Lome now lives. They had four children - Robert, Marlene, Lome and Florence. Robert farms at Harte, Marlene is in Calgary, Lome farms, Florence lives in Carberry. Bessie lives in Carberry.

Jim took his education at Montrose and Brookdale. He worked his dad''s farm, then worked for the Motor Vehicle Branch in Winnipeg. He then went to Williams Lake, B.c. working for the Erly Bird store.

Bine and Emma retired to Carberry in 1950.

Jim worked the farm for a short time, then Herb Link worked it for two years. Bine later sold the farm to Mr. and Mrs. Harry McLean.

Bine and Emma celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1954 at Harte. Bine was councillor for Ward VI for the Municipality of North Cypress for 10 years. A cribbage table was presented to Bine for his time as councillor. Later, it was donated by the family to the Drop-In Centre at Brookdale. Bine was a member of the Brookdale LO.O.F. Lodge and Emma was a Rebekah. Bine also served as trustee for Montrose School.

Emma passed away in 1959 and Bine in 1967.


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