Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Ken Boles was just six months old when his parents came to Manitoba in 1878. They homesteaded in the Summerville district and it was there Ken grew up. He married Annie Witherspoon in 1907 and began farming on S.W. 11-12-16 south of Brookdale. There they spent most of their married life, raising and educating seven children: Eva, Iia, Grace, Lottie, Harry, Fanny and Lora.

Only Eva attended Harburn School, and that for possibly two years. It was located about a quarter of a mile north of the Boles farm, so teachers boarded with them. Three teachers come to mind. There was Miss Donkin, Miss Patterson and Miss McCallum, who later became Mrs. Tom Ballantyne. Harburn School district joined consolidation with Brookdale in 1917 and the school was subsequently moved to Ingelow where it became the community hall. So Brookdale School became the centre of education for our family from then on, via No. one van route and succession of very dedicated teachers.

Eva married John Ford of Ingelow and for the first few years they lived west of the village but moved to the family farm in 1935. The next 40 years were very gratifying. The farm was good to them and certainly it was a fine place to raise their children, Gwenda and Brian. In 1957 Gwenda married Wayne Benton of Carberry. Their three children are Bradley, Lisa and Shawna. Gwenda and children live in Brandon. Brian married Audrey Swalwell in 1971 and they have a little girl, Stacey.

Their new home will be on an acreage north of Justice.

Iia married Kyler Drake of Oakner, Manitoba.

Their two boys are Ken and Bill. Ken and Vivian''s children are Andrea and Andrew. Bill who married Linda Edwards has three children, Ward, Shannon and Wendy. Ila trained for a psychiatric nurse at Brandon Mental Health Centre before her marriage and nursed in Hamiota and Carberry hospitals before her death in 1972.

Grace received her training in Brandon General, got her R.N., then moved to Alberta with her husband Samuel Stein where she was staff nurse in charge of urology at the University Hospital of Alberta for a number of years. When Sam opened a dental office in Kimberley, B.c., they moved there and built a home on the mountain side and retired there.

Lottie married William Moorehead of Douglas and they farmed east of there in Derry School area until they retired and bought a home in Douglas.

Their three children were Ken, Linda and Diane.

Ken and Alice have five boys: twins Brett and Brad, Patrick, Troy and Kerry. Linda married Wallace deDelley. Their children are Rene and Darin. Rene was married this summer to Karen Kennedy of Forrest. Darin and his mother live in Douglas and Linda works at Carnation Foods at Carberry.

Wallace was deceased in 1975. Diane and husband Wayne deDelley have three boys Todd, Shannon and Cory. They live in Kamloops, B.C.

Harry married Annette McLaren of Carberry.

They farmed in the Harte district for a time, then moved to his grandfather''s farm in Summerville, later retiring to Carberry. Their children are Kenneth, Merle, Carole, David, Valerie, Murray, Clarke and Wilma. Kenneth married Phyllis Mountain. They have three children, Michelle, Michael and Trevor. Merle married Ken Judd of Ludlow in England, a town close to the Welsh border. Carole married Archie Vonau and their children are Kyle, Brandy and Kiera. They make Carberry their home. David married Beverley Payne and they are at Fort Francis, Ontario. They have three children, David, Darrin and Ashley. Murray lives in Calgary and Clarke is in Carberry. Wilma married Murray Pigeon of Calgary and they live in that city. Their little girl is Starr.

Fanny married Stanley Lawrence and farmed in the Derry district for years finally moving to Douglas where Fanny worked in Madder''s Store and Stan drove the Rolling River school bus. Their two children are Charol and James. Charol married Ray Roy and they have two girls - Kami and Kim.

Jim married Louise Kozoroski of Neepawa and they make their home on an acreage east of Douglas. They have two boys - Myles and Jason.

Lora married Robert Hume and they are in Whitewood, Sask. Their four children are Jack, Morley, Laurie and Evan. Jack and Dale are on Vancouver Island at Sayward, B.C. They have two children Clinton and Cassandra. Morley married Debbie Fox and they are in Regina. Rickie and Richard are their children. Laurie married Leon Desbiens. Their children are Aaron and Kristy.

They too are on the Island at Port McNiel, B.C.

Evan is in Vancouver.

The depression in the 1930''s were years of hardship for everyone. It was during those years our parents moved to 36-11-16, the" Andy Place" so named by us because Andrew Rasmussen had been the former owner. It was during that time that the government found it necessary to conduct tubercular tests of cattle in Manitoba. They were among those who sold their herd and made a fresh start, but in their case it meant building a new barn as well, not an easy task with limited funds, but with friends and neighbors providing labor, it was accomplished and somehow enjoyed. In those days people were happy just working together.

Recalling our father, I remember how he loved to read his Bible - it was never far from his hand - and the pleasure he got from planting trees and watching them grow. The grove around the farm yard was a labour of love for him most of his life. He planted the spruce trees that surround the Brookdale School yard and when Iam in Brookdale, I take the southwest road out of town. The trees still stand tall and aging now. Our father died in 1943, our mother in 1974.


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