Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Fred came to Brookdale in 1950 from Rorketon, Manitoba with his parents Mr. and Mrs. A.J.

Bonnett. He attended school in Brookdale, and left school to find greener pastures. He worked on the c.P.R. in Brookdale and on a steel gang from Portage to Revelstoke, BiC. Then he returned home and drove a truck for W.L. (Bill) Mitchell.

Thinking, "This is not for me", he headed for Lynn Lake to work at the Sheritt Gordon Mines where he boarded at the home of Tom and Gertie Tilley.

Having had enough of the mines, he went to work driving semi trucks, then returned to Brookdale in 1965 to work for his father, who had a small construction business.

Fred married Isabelle Ducharme of St. Lazare in 1962 at the manse in Brookdale. They lived in Winnipeg for a short time where Cheryl was born at the Women''s Pavilion in September 1964. Cheryl went to the brick Brookdale Elementary School for grade one before it was closed. The people of the community tried to keep it open. She attended high school in Neepawa and is now attending Brandon University. She was voted the Centennial Queen in 1983.

Kelly was born in April 1968 at the Fox Memorial Hospital in Carberry. Fred was overjoyed that he now had a son. Kelly attended Brookdale School and is now a student at N.A.C.I. in Neepawa.

Wayne, the baby of the family, was also born at Fox Memorial Hospital in July 1970. This was a centennial year and the R.M. of North Cypress gave a gift to the first boy and girl born closest to July 15.

Wayne was the boy and Mrs. Kotaska had a girl.

Wayne received a hamper of clothing. He went to Brookdale School for the first eight years of his education and is now attending high school in Neepawa. In May 1986, N.A.C.I. presented the musical, "Hello Dolly". Kelly played the part of Barnaby Tucker in which he had to sing and dance.

This proved that he has hidden talent.

In 1975 Fred bought the gravel business from his dad. He is kept busy with his gravel truck and trailer. He works with Arnold and when they get too busy, he gets Gerald Chudley and Myles Graham to help them.

Isabelle has been a 4-H leader in Brookdale for t-he past 10 years. She has worked at Jones'' store for nine years as well as being the secretary for Fred''s business.


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