Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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My father, James Edward Booth came to Canada from Yorkshire, England in 1890, after the death of his mother. He had started his studies to be a lawyer, but decided on a career in Canada instead. He came to the Woodlea district where he worked for the Lucas Bros. before settling on 7-12- 15 where he tried farming on his own. Nearly all his personal belongings were destroyed when a prairie fire burnt his residence. He then bought a quarter section of land on 28-11-16 from Mr. Witherspoon.

After building a house and an underground stable, he married my mother Mary Watson in 1898. There were four children born to the family - Elice, Frances, Birkbeck and myself.

My father was very interested in community and church work having attended Elton Methodist Church (where we were all baptized), until Ingelow Church was built in 1908. He took the census several times, was a trustee of Woodle a School for a number of years, also acted as Justice of the Peace, which often settled minor disputes which arose at times. He became choir leader until his hearing prevented him from continuing. He later bought a quarter section from the Wm. Watson family and another quarter from Mr. Newton. He took great pride in his large growth of many kinds of trees and kept a very nice spot where the Ingelow picnics were held for many years.

Before we were old enough to help he brought several Englishmen from England to help on the farm. Some of these men I remember are E.W.

Taylor, Chas. Cook, Milne Brownlee and later a Benardo boy Harry Richards. Harry stayed for several years, later going to work for a Mr. Ducklow Harry went to the First World War and we heard from him only once after his return.

Mother baked bread for some of the local bachelors, her Uncle Sam Watson, also Bill Dickson who ran a large herd of cattle out in the sand hills south of us. He lived 25 miles to the southeast of our place and raised many fine horses. He batched there for many years and died in the home of Jack and Elice Farquhar in 1922. Jack had worked for him before going into the army in 1914.

Jack married my sister Elice and they farmed in the district for a few years before moving to Warman, Sask. in 1923; later moving to Langham, Sask. where he was postmaster for many years.

They had five sons - Arnold, James, Edward (born at Ingelow), Donald and Reg (while they lived at Warman). Edward died at the age of 18 months.

Arnold passed away in 1980. James lives at Brockville, Ontario. Donald lives in Douglas, Manitoba and Reg and his mother at Langham, Sask.

Frances married Robt. Johnston of Justice in 1921 and had a family of seven - Melvin, Allan, Mayme, Donald, Isobel and Leslie and William.

I married David Mitchell in 1925 and we had four children - John of Wyndel, B.c.; twins Mae and Muriel, and Elsie. Mae married Elmer Earl of Justice and they have one daughter Nadine. Muriel married Wilburn Olmstead of Petrel and they have one daughter Janet Wood. John married Lillian Lempy in 1953, divorced in 1961 and married Pat Mullen in 1961. They had five children. Pat had two sons when she married John, Graham and Laverne Mullen. The members of their family were Heather, Lorri, Wayne, Cameron and Lindsey. They live around Creston, B.c.

My father passed away in 1951 at the age of 84 years. Mother passed away in 1957 at the age of 83.

My brother passed away in the home at Portage la Prairie in 1959 at the age of 56. With no one to carry on the name, it is now gone forever.


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