Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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WiJliam Borland (Billie) was born at Villiers, Peterboro County Otonabee Township, Ontario on June 21, 1872. He had four brothers and one sister.

BiJlie came West to Brookdale district in 1898.

He worked in the Carberry hotel for a while then he worked with several local horsemen.

He was a member of the Union Masonic Lodge 108 at Brookdale. He dearly loved his games of cards - particularly euchre.

In 1924 when the "new" Brookdale School opened, Billie was the new caretaker. He took excellent care of the school. The grove of spruce trees around the school grounds were planted by Ken Boles, and carefully taken care of by BiJlie.

Credit is due him for the lovely spruce grove surrounding the old school grounds, now containing the rink, playgrounds and the Drop-In Centre.

Billie boarded for many of his later years with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Chisholm. He remained as custodian of the school until his passing at the school in November 1945.

He had a quiet, retiring and genial disposition that endeared him to all, especially the school children with whom he had been in close touch for over 20 years.

Billie''s funeral was held in the school auditorium which had been his domain, pride and joy for so many years. He is buried in the Brookdale Cemetery.


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