Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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My mother and dad, Gordon and Hazel Bowler, my sister Diane and I came to Oberon in July of 1950. My dad worked on the c.P.R. as a section foreman. Wm. Plowman was his first man and, of course, had many others working with him. Jim Carmichael, who worked and owned the grocery store, said he always knew when it was 8 o''clock, that was the time my dad left the tool house with the motor car. Garry attended school in Oberon and finished taking the remaining grades in Brookdale. Diane attended the Oberon School for four years.

I was seven when we went to Oberon and Diane was 10 months old. We used to go to Carberry to our Sports Day and took lunch.

Mother drove us and Merle Plowman came with us.

Mother used to help in the school concerts and field days. My dad and mom used to caretake the church and attend to fires in the winter. We very seldom missed Sunday School. Mother was the Mission Band leader in Oberon. She enjoyed her group. She used to go to the Auburn School where they had their meetings, we had teas and picnics which we all enjoyed.

When we left in July 1960 the group gave her a quilt with everyone''s name on it which she prizes very much.

One day a group of boys and I were playing on a flat car of rails and I fell and cut my leg. I used to go to school on crutches. I did not want to miss school because I had four years of perfect attendance. I still have my certificate.

We had many good times in Oberon and Brookdale, playing hockey, curling, and knowing so many nice people.

We lived in the section house. It was a big house and very cold in winter. My dad used to check from Wellwood to Moore Park on the rail and had some pretty cold days.

Mother and dad used to curl. Mom curled in Carberry and Brookdale and Neepawa with the girls.

We hated to leave Oberon but they closed the section there and sold the house. It went to a farm in Brookdale. Someone bought it and they moved it.

All that is left of the old place is a few stalks of rhubarb (that''s what George Bee told us).

We do not have much to tell as we were there only 10 years, from July 1950 to July 1960, but found Oberon a very fine place to live.


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