Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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We arrived in Ingelow in June 1950. We took over the store and post office from a Mr. Gordon.

We soon made many friends, and, as we were both musical, we were able to take part in many community projects. We played for many dances in the Norman School and also the Ingelow Hall.

The Ingelow district was not new to me as Iam a granddaughter of the late Harry and Ursula Boles of the Summerville district and had many uncles and aunts at Harte, Brookdale and Oberon.

We had one daughter Lana, who still keeps in touch with her childhood playmate Lynn (Clements) Green.We have many happy memories of our four years at Ingelow and still keep in touch with friends made while there.

We sold in June 1954 to Mr. and Mrs. A.

Ketchie and moved to Winnipeg.


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