Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Cecil Norman Burridge, the eldest son of Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Burridge was born April 24, 1908in Kelwood district and received his education there.

There were six children in the family. His father was a market gardener, drove a dray for the town and was caretaker of the school in Kelwood.

At 14, Cecil left school to work as a farm labourer for various farmers around the district. He moved to Brookdale in 1927 where his sister Mrs.

Lawrence Floyd then lived. His first farm work around Brookdale was for Mr. Wm. Davidson, "Scotch Bill"who lived where Reginald Jones now resides.

Cecil, at the time of the war, enlisted with the Royal Canadian Engineers, employed as a Driver Mechanic. In 1944 he left Canada for overseas service. He was in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. On June 15, 1946 Cecil received his discharge from army service, at which time he secured employment with Mr. H.B. Dennis.

On November 21, 1947 he married Florence Muriel Dennis, second daughter of Herbert Bayfield Dennis and the late Muriel Elizabeth Edwards Dennis. There were three children born to that union - Herbert Owen, Muriel Cecile, and Lawrence Cecil (Larry). Herbert married Linda Neighbor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Neighbor of Douglas. Herbert has two daughters, Becki Lee and Lana Michelle and Linda has two sons, Michael and Marc Adams. Herbert is employed at Shilo, Manitoba as a Third Class Steam Engineer. Muriel married Wm. J. Doble of Eden, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Baden Doble. They have two sons, Glen Owen and Cameron Wayne. Bill is employed on his father''s farm in Eden. Larry is employed by Donald Simpson of Brookdale.

Cecil purchased 1-13-16from the H.B. Dennis estate in 1968and farmed it until his retirement due to illhealth. Florence still resides on the familyfarm.

Cecil passed away on April 9, 1986.


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