Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Thomas and Elizabeth Calder along with their family of three: Bill, Effie and Nancy (Nan) left their native land, Scotland, by boat on the 22nd of April, 1921 with high hopes of beginning a new life in Canada.

After a rough voyage of 10 days and sea sickness we landed at Quebec. We then continued our journey by train to Brookdale where we were met by our friends, the John Tweedie Family, with a team of horses and a wagon box. What an experience for us all! Thomas Calder was born in Addiewell, West Calder, Scotland, 1878. Elizabeth Fell Calder was born in Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland, in 1881.

Our first home in Canada was a house owned by the Swanson family which had been used for storing grain. Dad worked with Cleave Chudley for a short time and afterwards with Bert McDonald, where we lived in the Shingle house. Bill worked with William McDonald. The McDonalds built a new barn that year and Bill gave some help there. I went to Brookdale School and made many friends.

In the fall of the year after harvest was over and the fall work finished, the men folks had to seek work elsewhere so we moved to Brandon. Dad and Bill were both in the coal business for many years.

Bill married Mary Imlach of Brandon. Effie married Fred Tilt of Ingersoll, Ontario and spent a number of years in the East. Fred died in 1971 and Effie returned to live in Brandon. I married Harry Halverson of Moore Park. Harry passed away in 1969. Dad died in 1944 and Mother in 1958. Bill and Mary have also passed on. Effie and I have fond memories of our first home in Brookdale.


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