Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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On September 27, 1883, the early settlers became education conscious and formed Brookdale School District 168.

The school was erected on the southwest corner of 2412-16 (c. Simpson land) and remained there for 22 years.

Early records are unprocurable. However, an old secretary-treasurer''s book for 1894-95 was located and gives information as to teachers, trustees, expenditures and revenue.

Miss Nelson taught the first part of 1894 until she was relieved by Mr. Lamont. Trustees duly elected on December 3, 1894 were: Mr. John Humeston, Alex B. Moffatt, and Adam McKenzie.

John Dodds had been the previous board chairman. The government grant for 1895 was $33.77. How does this compare with today''s grants? Later Miss Hodson taught in 1900. Miss Effie Hamilton taught in 1901 and half of 1902. Miss Baldwin finished 1902 and taught in 1903. Miss McGillan had charge in 1904, the last year the school operated.

Among interesting items of expenditures in 1902 were a tin pail at 40<):,tin cup 10<):,three water glasses 35<):.

Auditors for 1904 were R.P. Fraser and Thomas Gowan.

This school district was dissolved when it was absorbed into the new school district formed at Brookdale.


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