Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Winnipeg, but moved to Waskada at an early age and was educated there. I attended Normal School in Winnipeg. My brother Jim and I started out together at Harte. I taught at Montrose and he was the minister for Petrel, Summerville, Ingelow charge.

We lived together in the manse at Harte.

I moved to Brookdale in 1937 and enjoyed my stay there so much. I appreciated the indoor plumbing, the regulated heat and the great caretaker friend, in Billy Borland. The staff was the very best, J. Doughty as principal, Merrille Brigden 6-8, Beth Brown 3-5. Marj Patmore 1-2 (1937) and Jean Thompson took Marj''s place.

I made life long friends in Brookdale and they were wonderful years to me. I married Clare Fitzsimmons on October 14, 1939 and we farmed at Harte. We had three of a family: Jim - a mountie at Prince George, married to Jan and they have three boys, David, Sean and Kelly. Murray - a teacher at Sylvan Lake, married to Karen and they have two boys and a girl, Dustin, Nathan and Kara. Sharon - a teacher married to John Spak also a teacher at Virden, Man. They have two children Ryan and Carmen.

Some of my fondest memories of Brookdale were the three act plays we staged and the work we did together in the Cinderella Club.


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