Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Eileen Leslie, elder daughter of Edna (Chapman) and Leslie Robson, was born in 1920 and was raised on the home farm in the Deleau district of Manitoba.

She received her education at the Deleau Consolidated School. After attending Normal School, Eileen taught her first school at Hallboro, Manitoba, a one room rural school, in 1941. She went from there to the Brookdale School in September 1942, where she taught until the end of June, 1945. At that time she left to go to the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a B.A degree in 1948. While there she was chosen to represent the Student Christian Movement of the university to the World Youth Conference in Oslo, Norway. After graduation exercises, Eileen taught at a summer school at Waseca in the North Battleford area, and later went to Grandview, Manitoba as assistant principal, in 1948. She married R.E. Dalby in July of 1949 and they lived in Saskatoon.

In 1983, when Brookdale and area were celebrating their Centennial, Eileen came home and she, and her mother went to the celebrations. It was a great day for Eileen, she met so many of her former pupils, many of them now grandparents.

She also met a number of former teacher friends some now reside in the Brookdale area. She enjoyed the day very much, as Eileen was always a very out -going cheerful, happy person. She searched through the crowds for someone she might know.

Not long after returning to her home in Burnaby, B.C. she went to her doctor for a check-up. It was discovered she had a tumor - this was removed and she had high hopes she would be all right. She went monthly for a check and in December a cancer was discovered in her liver. Eileen had taught 27 years in the Steves ton High School, teaching French. She rarely missed a day because of illness, she had built up over 240 sick leave days.

She was a very healthy girl. This was a very tragic time for Eileen and all of us. She died in August of 1984, she would have been 64 in October 1984.

They had a family of three boys: Tom, Bernie, Lewis and one girl - Tania and four grandchildren.


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