Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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(from Brookdale School Minute Book) For the sum of $58.35 a month I agree to devote my whole time to the service of the Brookdale Consolidated School District number 1299.

I must look after the school, keeping the rooms and floor clean and scrubbed; when necessary, look after and keep the school grounds clean.

The vans to be overhauled during the season they are not in use and if the Board requires, the same to be painted and caretaker to do this work.

No smoking outside the boiler room. Caretaker to have charge of the school during the noon hour.

The Board to keep back the sum of $25 of the first month''s money to insure the faithful carrying out of this contract.

September 1931- The teachers were required to arrange in turn to stay and look after the conduct of the pupils during the noon hour.

Footnote: The custodians no longer have to look after the vans - when automobiles were used to transport children, the owner of that vehicle did his own maintenance.


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