Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Within our boundaries four villages were located: Brookdale, Ingelow, Mentmore and Oberon.

They all had their beginning due to the coming of the railway. Three of them have declined. At Mentmore only the elevator is left to remind us of what once was there. Brookdale is still hanging on as a centre in our area.

Ingelow was first called Woodlea after the school district which was formed in 1887. The school was built in 1888 and opened January 20, 1889. In 1910 the C.N.R. officials changed the name to Ingelow to follow the alphabetical sequence they had along the rail line. It was named after an English poetess, Jean Ingelow.

Mentmore had its beginning on the land owned by Thomas Henry Drayson. It started as a railway point which he named Mentmore. He had emigrated from Sandwick, Kent, England and he felt his new home "meant more" to him than his old home.

Adam McKenzie and David McNaughton were brothers-in-law. When the C.P.R. railway was coming they could not agree on a townsite. Each wanted the town near his land. That is how Brookdale, David McNaughton''s town, and McKenzieville, now Oberon, came into being just four miles apart.

The first post office in the Brookdale area was located on N.W. 10·12·16 where Edward Lepp now lives. Boggy Creek widens into more of a stream at this location. John Mitchell, the first postmaster named the post office Brookdale. A brook is a natural stream of water smaller than a river and creek. A dale is a poetic name for a valley. While the land really is not a valley it does flatten out from the rolling land to the west and south. I think he used poetic licence in choosing the name.

When the school was opened in 1883 on S.W.

24-12-16 where Charles Simpson now lives, it too, took the name of the post office and became known as Brookdale S.D. 168. When the village was formed in 1902 it took the same name as the post office and school.

In the meantime Adam McKenzie was building his village on his own and it was called McKenzieville.

He built a store, blacksmith shop, boarding house and livery barn.

The post office for this area was located in the home of James McKinnon and called Oberon.

Some think it was named after a town in North Dakota. In 1905 the name of the village was changed from McKenzieville to Oberon when the post office was moved to the town.


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