Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Three cheers for jolly Oberon folks! They sure can work together And when the thing comes down to play, They''re like birds of one feather, Every heart leaped forth in joy At the comng of the snow; Mac brought his snowshoes out But ha, he''s fooled, I know.

So all you other boys and girls, Who have your broomsticks ready, Just put them back a little while For see the sun shines daily.

The roads are getting smooth again, So Lorne can go to Rivers, And Percy in his little "coop", Once more respect delivers Unto the girl he goes to see, Be she near or far; But never mind, its all right Perc, We all must pass that bar.

Dancing is a favorite sport.

Among the Oberon sportsmen, With Cecil on the saxophone Traps played by Harry Byram.

Merle Alexander helps along By aiding Cecil blow; She has him pause each little while, To get his breath, you know.

Merle Oliver should really pause To aid her breathing some, Because that dance called "It Again" Well - one needs breath to run.

One more member of our band We could not do without, Is Marjorie on the hall piano Bringing music out.

Marjory Byram has her mind Right full of school affairs, And so has Arnold Mack, I think, At least it so appears.

The light fantastic they still trip To Albert''s whistled jazz.

What we do without that whistle I cannot comprehend.

Cecil keeps a bachelor hall, Austin gave his over, Percy, Arthur, Lloyd and Forrest, Plant both grain and clover.

Earle Thorn hasn''t time for farming He goes oft to Franklin, The diff''tween him and Jimmie C, Is, Jimmie''s road is southern.

School ma''ams seem to be the rage, There''s Mary, Marg., and Ruth, But Rainbow'' Circle presidents Are just as good, in truth.

Keeping house is quite an art, Don''t you think so Dorothy? I think Vera will help you out, For at work she seems real sporty Where is little Edith Bee? Lost I do suspect, Among all these jumbled names, She''d just be a speck.

Never mind, Edith, Good things, so they say, Are done up in small parcels, So be like me be gay.

I lift my weary eyes behold a sight, Once more has snow begun.

So Hazel, get your rink looked up, And Ina do the same.

Willie must be quick to build, E'' er winter comes again.

Tommy has his broomstick ready, Ina has her rocks, John and Len stand skates in hand, Awaiting winter''s shocks.

Gordon get your hockey stick, Forget about your plow, Nature says you''ve done enough, You ought to have by now.

If I could join your happy group, My heart would fillwith pride, To know that I belonged to you, My carefree Oberon tribe.


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