Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Happy Times: Visiting the old brickyard east of town where we pushed the sand carts up the track to the top of the boot, taking a half-hour to get to the top, foot by foot, to come down in a few seconds.

Living on the farm for a couple of years, going to school in a van (summer and winter). Mr.

Robertson was the van driver. The trip seemed shorter when he let some of us kids drive the horses.Holidays at Boles'' farm, riding horseback. Ifmy memory serves me right the horse''s name was King. Going with Harry to visit the Lucas home and the feed of prunes we had.

Riding horseback around and around in Lester McLeod''s new barn, packing the dirt floor prior to cement.

The big house on the corner with the sign above the door that read "EAT". This house was the hotel, bakeshop, boarding house, and telephone office run by the Barretts, Mr. Barrett being the baker.

All my friends in town and district, to mention some: the Parkers, Tom and Jim, the Lawries, the Harts, the Simpsons, the McDonalds, the Dennises, the Jardines, the Fryers, Allan Brown, Bob Mikkelson, the Harburns, the Brandons, the Christensens, the Newcombs, the Evanses, the Kinneys, and many more I have missed but think of them all often.

My school teachers, Mrs. Hills, Mrs. Grant and Miss Brigden, who later became Mrs. Clegg and Miss Renwick.

The butcher, Mr. Clegg, who would put the heel of the baloney around my neck and send me home, much to the disgust of mother.

The sad events will have to be the burning of our home and the burning of the school which I remember very well.


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