Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Ministers 1903-1984

Rev. J. Laycock 1903-1904 Rev. Parsons 1904-1905 Rev. Patterson 1905-1906 Rev. Palmer 1906-1907 Rev. Wilkinson 1907-1909 Rev. F.C Middleton 1909-1911 Rev. A. Stook 1911-1913 Rev. J.B. Anderson 1913-1916 Rev. A.E. Cooke 1916-1919 Rev. J.C Anderson 1919-1923 Rev. Hatfield 1923-1924 Rev. Sallons (First United Church) 1924-1926 Rev. J.E. Bell 1926-1929 Rev_ Geo. McNeill 1929-1931 Rev. J.D. McKenzie 1931-1935 Rev. W.E. McDonald 1935-1940 Rev. J.T. Wotton 1940-1943 Rev. H. Smith 1943-1949 Rev. G. Daly 1949-1953 Rev. M. Jaremko 1953-1956 Rev. M.E. Graham 1956-1961 Rev. G.M. Lake 1961-1965 Leslie Jameson 1965-1970 Rev. Carol Roberts 1970-1977 Brookdale United Church joined the Neepawa Larger Parish in July 1971.

Rev. D. Wilton Fraser Rev. Gordon I. Fulford Rev. Jack White -1975 -1980 1975-1983 Tom Delgaty (intern) Bruce Faurschou (intern) Janet Shearman (student) summer Ferne Graham Murray Etty (intern) Rev. Earl Gould Cathy Laing (intern) Kent Israel (intern) Steve Chambers (intern) Barbara Edwards (intern) Rev. Barb Jardine Nancy Stephenson 1976-1977 1977-1978 1978 1978-1984 1979-1980 1980-1986 1980-1981 1981-1982 1981-1982 1982- 1984-


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