Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Approximately 160 people attended an afternoon service celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Brookdale United Church, October 21,1979.

Led by ministers Gordon Fulford, Jack White, Ferne Graham and Murray Etty, the congregation joined in song and prayer for the rededication and celebration of the occasion. Referring to the past, Rev. Fulford spoke of the foundation built by our parents and grandparents, and how they worked at building the church and church community. "It is important to know and get to know your history and to accept it," he said, "the location is not necessarily important, but how we build that is important. Our parents and grandparents were tremendous people in adapting to changes in the world. The foundation and roots in their faith is important to us to know." Murray Etty added to the reflections on the past with some meditation on the present. He compared the church to the human body, and how it works most efficiently when all parts are functioning properly. "A vital, active church is composed of many unique individuals, all with their gifts and talents. They are persons of different skills who can count on the loving support of others. Just as the human body grows in strength, so does the church grow to maturity. This is growing in faith.

These people are not alone in their struggles but part of a network of God''s people reaching out, seeking justice." Ferne Graham told the congregation that the story of yesteryear becomes alive for us today and there is a likeness between the church of the present and the church of the future.

She, too, reinforced the idea of shared leadership among the church membership and to build on its strength. Whatever we want to see in the future we want to begin building now. Our eyes and toes look ahead and we must face the future with a "zest in our step and a light in our eye".

Following the hour long service, the congregation adjourned to the Brookdale Drop-in Centre for anniversary cake and lunch. Earlier in the afternoon, Ingelow residents and former residents and families returning for the occasion attended the unveiling of a cairn dedicated to the pioneers of the area. Mrs. Evelyn Moffatt, organist of Ingelow Church for 52 years and Mrs. H.A.

Muirhead unveiled the monument.


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