Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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On Wednesday December 1st, the last U. C.W.

meeting of 1982 was held in the Drop-In Centre with a pot luck supper to mark the special occasion.

President Bette Craig extended a welcome to all and asked those present to help themselves to supper. Barb Edwards led in the singing of grace.

After the first course had been enjoyed the list of officers during the 20 years was reviewed.

Ferne Graham spoke at this time recalling when the church groups were the Women''s Missionary Society and the Women''s Auxiliary. In 1962 the two groups united under the name of United Church Women.

"Happy Birthday" was sung to members - the United Church Women. Mrs. D.R. Mitchell read a poem entitled "We keep forgetting". Having been the first president of the Brookdale United Church Women Mrs. Mitchell had the honor of cutting the birthday cake, which was served and enjoyed with coffee.Vice- president Mrs. Vivian North thanked Ferne Graham for reviewing the years since 1962 and also everyone who had taken part and worked in the U.C.W. during the 20 years.

F our of the members had received life memberships: Mrs. D.R. Mitchell, Ferne Graham, Mrs. Marie May and Mrs. Kathleen Swanson. Mrs.

Rose Jones and Barb Edwards each sang two solos accompanied by Mrs. C. Swanson. The Christmas worship service was presented by Unit C led by Kathleen Swanson, assisted by Isabelle Bonnett, Doreen McLeod, Ruby Simpson, Joyce Chute, Marie May and Bernice Campbell. Pictures were taken of the past and present officers and the choir who sang a beautiful Christmas Carol.

Presidents 1962-1982 Mrs. D.R. Mitchell Mrs. Joyce Jardine Mrs. Hazel Mikkelsen Mrs. Rose Jones and Joyce Chute Joyce Chute Mrs. Joyce Chute Mrs. Marie May Mrs. Jean Jardine Mrs. Evelyn McKee Mrs. Kathleen Swanson Mrs. Rose North Mrs. Helen Mitchell Mrs. Bette Craig Secretaries 1962-1982 Mrs. M. McIntyre Mrs. Marie May Mrs. Betty Redlin Sr.

Mrs. Helen Mitchell Mrs. Isabelle Bonnett Mrs. Ruby Simpson Mrs. Phyllis Harburn Treasurers 1962-1982 Mrs. Annetta Kinney Mrs. Eleanor Swanson Mrs. Lee Jardine Mrs. Helen Mitchell


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