Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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BROOKDALE U.C.W. 1983-1986

The U. C.W. has been a vital part of the church.

The ladies do enjoy the social aspect of the meetings, but even while they are socializing the business of the church is discussed and money raising plans made. Some of the money raising projects have been catering, weddings, anniversaries, teas, banquet, cook book, place mats and church plates.

Besides supporting our own church we also send money to Missionary and Maintenance, Prairie Christian Training Centre, church camps, support a foster child, send clothing bales, food and money to deprived areas. They also help their neighbours in a time of need. In 1985, the U.C.W. hosted a supper to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the United Church, for church members and adherent members that were 60 years of age and over.

The U.C.W. is broken down into smaller units or groups. These are responsible for the worship and program for the meeting. The U.C.W. also does a major house cleaning of the church once a year. This helps to defray the cost to the local church board.

The members report each month hospital and care home visits that have been made.

Some of the programs and speakers our units have provided were - missionaries - speakers on interesting topics - films - short courses - etc.

Since 1982 our executive has been: 1983 - President Bette Craig and 1984-86 - President Vivian North; recording secretaries 1983 - Phyllis Harburn, 1984 - Pat Yarych and 1985-86 - Rose North; treasurers 1983 - Helen Mitchell, 1984-85 - Joyce Dennis and 1986 - Helen Mitchell.


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