Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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After the opening of the church a Sunday School was formed with Mr. A. Millen as superintendent.

Mr. Horace Martin taught the Bible class and was superintendent for 20 years from the early 1920''s. There was always a large attendance and lively interest due to the formation of two sides - the Reds and the Blues, each of which worked to bring new members. Singing was so enthusiastic with favorites such as "Jesus Feels So Sorry" and "Can a Little Child Like Me", from the old green book "The New Canadian Hymnal". We always closed with "Our Sunday School" and "We Are Going home." In the winter time, no matter how cold the weather, Mr. Martin used his team and heated van to take the neighbor children to Sunday School.

The training we received, made a real impact for good in our lives. Some of the other teachers were Mrs. H.B. Martin, Mrs. McNaughton, and Mr. A Clegg.

Through the years, dedicated people like C.

Fryer, AL. Curtis, L. McLeod, A Lawrie, C.

Kinney, Mrs. D.R. Mitchell, Mrs. Graham (Rev.), Mr. and Mrs. C. Jardine, Mrs. R. Jardine, A Evans, Mrs. S. McDonald, H. Burridge, Mrs. D. Craig, Mr.

K. Chute, Mrs. Moffatt, Mrs. A McKee, Mrs. K.

Mitchell and others acted as Sunday School superintendents. Hundreds of children past and present have benefitted from the lessons and comradeship. Life styles have changed and with larger farms fewer children are living in the district.

In 1964 there were 81 registered in Sunday School.

In 1986 there are 17 registered in Sunday School. Superintendent is Mrs. Ed Redlin and the teachers are: (some of whom take turns) Barbara Hart, Nancy McKee, Maureen Craig, Bette Craig, Kim Campbell, Darlene McDonald, Neil Jardine, Betty Redlin Jr. and Joyce Jardine.

Sunday School has added a nursery class, under the supervision of Leslee McKee, for the younger children while church is in progress, which has benefitted the younger couples with families.


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