Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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There was a Baby Band connected with the Women''s Missionary Society for many years. The little people under school age received birthday cards, and there was an annual picnic. In later years, meetings were held monthly, when mothers and children spent an afternoon of fellowship.

These meetings were considered by the mothers, to be invaluable in having the children meet other children and get acquainted and take part in play, before they went to school. The Baby Band was discontinued when W.A. and W.M.S., joined to form the U.e.W. Some of the leaders throughout the years were: Mrs. Mcintyre, Mrs. E. McDonald, Mrs. Burridge, Mrs. e. Jardine, Mrs. C. McLeod, Mrs. W. Dennis, Mrs. R. Ramsay, Mrs. McKee.

Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Mikkelsen helped at meetings over one period.

Several other church oriented groups have flourished in the past. Rev. Bellied a group of Tuxis Boys in 1929-30. Rev. McDonald organized Trail Rangers in 1937-38. Rev. Daly had a group of Tyros in 1949-53. After intermittent years of activity, due to poor attendance this group was disbanded in 1965. Rev. Lake formed a Sigma e. group but it also suffered from poor attendance and was disbanded in 1965. The Mission Band was a very active group through many years. Mrs. Moffatt, Mrs. Redlin, Mrs.

e. Jardine, Mrs. A. McKee were some of the leaders. Explorers and Messengers were very busy groups for many years. In 1973ยท74 under the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. L.

McLeod they were very active. No report of these groups could be found later than 1975.


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