Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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It was the year 1926 and a young bachelor was the minister at the time and living in the manse.

Saturday night he was preparing for his bath. This was a tub in the kitchen where it was warmest and close to the source of warm water which was heated on the kitchen range or in the reservoir on the end of the range. He was down to his long johns when the gas lamp spluttered and went out. In the dark he undertook to fill up the lamp, by setting it on the lid of the reservoir, but ran it over and some of the fuel ran over the top of the stove and onto the fire. Gas was on the floor so the kitchen was soon all in a blaze, all he could do was get out. He ran across to Lou Mikkelsons in bare feet through the snow in 20°·30° below weather. He suffered with frost bite and cold. Bob opened the door but was alarmed and so he called his father, who brought him in and spread the alarm about the fire. The manse was burned to the ground.


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