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A Presbyterian Church to serve the pioneers of the Creeford District was erected in 1892 on property (N.E. corner 34·12·17) donated by pioneer J. Henderson. It was named Knox Presbyterian . Church and was part of the Douglas field along with Douglas and Elton Mission Church.

The church was also known as The Stone Church because it was made of stone laid by a stone mason by the name of Vickery.

The minister who preached the opening service was Andrew Carrick, a student of Manitoba College.

He had previously served in the Douglas field.

The original trustees were: S.J. Conell, James Carswell, and Donald McLean.

In pioneer times the Stone Church was the centre of community life. It was filled to overflowing and often wagon seats were used to supplement the seating. Many a weary traveller caught in a storm spent the night in the church.

In 1900 Fannie and Albert Lamb, Jennie Jardine, Lizzie Mitchell, Laura and Florence McLean were members of the choir. James Himes was the choir leader and Rennie Himes the organist.

Early Sunday School superintendents were Mr. J. Wannop and A.W. Churchill.

In 1922 the Presbyterian and Methodist Church of Douglas united before official union took place.

Creeford Church then formed a new charge with Justice and Moore Park.

After reorganization in 1923 Mr. J. Wareham became Sunday School superintendent. In that same year the secretary-treasurer was G. McLean and the teachers were J. Wareham, Mamie Seabury, and Mrs. Robert Seabury.

In 1923 the women of the church also organized forming a Woman''s Auxiliary known as "The Willing Workers". The president was Mrs. G. Leve, secretary, Sadie Nichol and members were: Madames J. Wareham, W. Dunlop, Nichol, Jardine, Yoe, Kirk, A.W. Churchill, R. Seabury and Miss Saunders.

The Stone Church built in 1892 was closed in 1933 due to the ravages of time and demolished in 1939.

Ministers who served the congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church over the years were: 1892 - Mr. Thomson, 1893 - Mr. George Gunn, 1894 - Mr. D. Oliver, 1895 - Mr. Duncan Campbell, 1896 - Mr. McAfie, 1897 - Mr. F .

Forester, 1899-1901 Rev. E. Mason. Rev. Mason was the first ordained minister in the field, his grandson Rev. Gordon Jardine is a minister at Prairie Christian Training Centre, Fort Qu'' Appelle, served, 1907·1912 Rev. W.H. May, 1913-1917 Rev.

A.W. Churchill, 1918-1922 Rev. W.J. Allen. After the change in the charge in 1923 Rev. Allen continued preaching to the congregation until 1927 .

He was followed by Rev. Kern 1928-1931, Rev. Letts 1931-1933, Rev. Meek 1933-1935. Rev. Meek was the last minister to preach in the church as it was closed in the fall of 1933. Services were continued in Norman School. Rev. Sinclair came in 1935-1945, Rev. Turnbull 1945·1948.

In 1948 the congregation of Creeford amalgamated with Moore Park United.

In 1956 a cairn committee was set up at the urging of Mrs. W. Dunlop to build a cairn on the .

original site in remembrance of the pioneers and the Old Stone Church. Chairman of the committee was Clair Jardine, secretary W. Black, treasurer Wm.

Churchill, directors were: F. Rankmore, A.W.

Churchill, Mrs. W. Dunlop, Mrs. H. Wannop, and Mrs. F. Rankmore.

Mr. Riblinski of Brandon was hired as contractor and Adam Jason as stone mason. As the cairn was being constructed Mrs. F. Rankmore kindly supplied meals in her home when needed. The cost of the cairn was $1,100. The original stones of the church were used in construction. An exact replica of the church stands on top with the exception of the roof which was made of copper so it would be more durable.

The dedication of the cairn was held in the summer of 1957 with approximately 400 people in attendance. Rev. Frame of Rivers was chairman.

Distinguished guests were: Mr. J.N. Manzuik, M.P.

for Marquette; Hon. C.L. Shuttleworth, M.L.A. for Hamiota; Mr. M.R. Southerland, M.L.A. for Lansdowne; Mr. S. Birch, M.L.A. for North Cypress; Mr. W. Pentland, Reeve of Municipality of Elton.

Mrs. Ed Wareham presided at the piano.

Rev. Bater was guest speaker. He had been a student in the field in 1910-13. Clair Jardine spoke on behalf of the Cairn Committee and William Churchill read "Memories of Creeford Church" written by Mrs. Robert Seabury. Scripture was read by N.S. Shuttleworth, Hamiota, and Mr. Ed Nichol of Tantallon, Saskatchewan.Mrs. Margaret (Wannop) Andrews of Nanton, Alberta and Mr. Hilliard Clegg of Brookdale unveiled the cairn. The plaque bears the following inscription: Erected in memory of the pioneers of Creeford District who built here in 1892. "The Old Stone Church" (Knox Presbyterian). "The Memory of the Just is Blessed" 1956.


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