Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Oberon Mission Band which consisted of the school children from grades 1-8 was started under the leadership of Mrs. R. Dennis around 1929.

When the Ladies'' Aid had their election of officers in December, a lady was appointed or volunteered as the leader of the Mission Band. Its projects of money raising were: selling homemade candy, baking, woodwork articles, plaster of paris ornaments, and then it would donate the money to the church. In 1962 the Messengers (as it was called) discontinued when the U.C.W. disbanded.

The Mission Band leaders were: Mrs. R. Dennis, Mrs. C. Boles, Mrs. C. Bee, Mrs. Laudrum, Mrs.

Owen, Mrs. Austin Oliver, Mrs. Wm. Byram, Mrs.

H. Martin, Mrs. L. Thorn, Mrs. N. McKenzie, Mrs.

G. Bowler, Mrs. D. Mack, and Mrs. C. Oliver.


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