Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Baby Band of preschool age children began in 1941 and was discontinued around 1962.

Mrs. C. Boles was the first leader of the Baby Band which had 24 members. Once a year, usually in June, the mothers and children had an afternoon picnic with games and a delicious lunch. Marj Mikkelsen was a leader for seven years. She had a big house (if it rained) and a lovely lawn for accommodating the members and their mothers.

One of the Ladies'' Aid members was appointed or volunteered to be a leader.

The Baby Band leaders in those years were: Mrs. C. Boles, Mrs. L. Thorn, Mrs. Marjorie Mikkelsen, Mrs. D. Martin, Hazel Mikkelsen, Vera May, Bernice Baker, and Helen Poole.

With the farms getting larger, people moving away, railroad and school disappearing, and fewer families in the district, the baby population has decreased greatly in the last 20 years, in fact, it is nil some years.


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