Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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It was my pleasure to have been associated with the fine people of Brookdale while doing my internship from St. Andrew''s Theological College, Saskatoon from September 1976 to the end of April,1977.

The arrangement among my Supervisor, Rev.

Jack White, Rev. Gordon Fulford, Rev. Carol Roberts and myself was that each would take a church service at the United Churches in Neepawa, Arden, Brookdale, Eden, Birnie and Riding Mountain on a rotating basis. While this seemed a good arrangement, especially for me as an intern, there was a definite drawback in the fact that there was little continuity. Being at each place only once every so often on Sundays did not lend itself too well to get to know people as I would have liked. However, visiting during the week helped a lot in this respect.

It seemed natural for me to make pastoral calls at meal time or just before - seldom right after! I was so well received by everyone and thoroughly enjoyed visiting.

Perhaps the highlight of my involvement with Brookdale community, apart from visitinq and church services, was the confirmation cl~s_s_<2.( young people from Brookdale, held at Neepawa from March 18 to the end of April. There were 15 teenagers - nine girls and six boys - ranging in age from 13-18. We met once a week after school. When I stop to think about it I must have learned more than they did; it surely kept me going to keep ahead of them! In my confirmation file I still have 15 invaluable yellow pages on which the teenagers responded to such questions as: "What do you want most in life?", "What do you think about God?" and "What is your interpretation of Genesis 3?" On reflection it must have been a real ordeal for those young people to sit still for another hour after school was out for the day! The yellow pages in the phone book have nothing on the yellow pages in my confirmation file! I''ve often wondered how many have since become professional cartoonists! I enjoyed being with these young people immensely and I really felt badly at having to return to St. Andrew''s before the service of Confirmation planned for May 15, 1977. Our last meeting was on Friday, April 29. Rev. Jack White continued in my place. I have often wondered since how those great young folks made out in their education and chosen careers. How about it, guys and gals? Drop me a line and let me know! Nearly eight years have passed since my ordination. Evelyn and I have been at Oak River ever since. In a real sense we have a team ministry situation here in the Oak River - Crandall Pastoral Charge. We are enjoying life and service here immensely. It is not uncommon for Evelyn to head west to visit folks in the Hamiota Hospital and me to head south to the hospital in Brandon. Visiting is still top priority as it was during my internship.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fine people of Brookdale for having contributed so meaningfully to my training for the ministry during my term as an intern. I am especially indebted to the 15 young folks for helping me to grow in the faith as we struggled and learned together. My amiable association often brings fond memories to my mind.

Thank you for asking for a contribution for your History Book.


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