Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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Leslie Jameson, along with his mother, came to Canada in 1914 from Whitley Bay, Northumberland, England. They settled in the Cardale district and in 1919 they moved to Rapid City, Man. In 1925 Leslie assumed the rental responsibility of a farm E 7-9-19 southwest of Brandon, Man. This farm belonged to Mr. Harris McKee, (whose father was a founder of Brandon University).

Through the connection of Mr. McKee Leslie met and married Aletha Gerrand of Miniota and Winnipeg. Aletha was Mr. McKee''s sister-in-law.

They were married January 1, 1929. They have two children - Margaret born March 18, 1932 and Hugh born June 8, 1935.

Margaret became a registered nurse and married Ian McTavish. They have four children, Lorna, Bruce, Blair, and Graham. They all reside in Winnipeg.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Jameson Hugh took over the farm in 1960 going into dairy and grain farming. He married Martha Klopan July 30, 1960. They have four sons, Arnold, Keith, Garth, and Robert.

Leslie Jameson was secretary-treasurer of South Brandon School for 23 years. He was 18 years on the beef ring committee, an elder of Little Souris Church for 35 consecutive years, and superintendent of the Sunday School for 20 years.

Aletha was a school teacher and taught school in Winnipeg and some remote places north of Winnipeg. She also taught in the Hayfield School in 1924, and in Douglas in 1926-27. She was and is very active in community work.

Leslie Jameson went into the Lay Ministry in August 1960. His first charge was Lauder, Man., then Brookdale, Man. in 1965 and later Hamiota, Man. in 1970. He retired in the early 80''s and they now are enjoying their retirement in Hamiota, Man.


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