Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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In early times there was no cemetery at Brookdale. Burials had to be made in Carberry, Neepawa, Madford, Glenburney or Wellwood cemeteries. (Wellwood Cemetery is sometimes called Graham or Munro Cemetery - Mr. Graham donated the land at Munro Siding for the Wellwood Cemetery.) If a death occurred in the winter it necessitated a long, cold, difficult trip by team and sleigh.

Brookdale Cemetery Discussions on acquiring a cemetery at Brookdale started in 1934. The late AL. Curtis was instrumental in getting information and plans. The land was purchased from Minnie Claxton and Annie Reinmuth, beneficiaries of the McNaughton Estate by the Rural Municipality of North Cypress and donated. The cemetery was to be known as "The Brookdale Cemetery".

By-law 854 set up a three man board of trustees - Messrs. J.P. Lawrie, AL. Curtis, and A W.

Moffatt. The land was surveyed by Bert Witherspoon and the lots marked and numbered.

Messrs. A C. Lawrie and Lester McLeod were appointed to the board after the deaths of J.P.

Lawrie and AL. Curtis.

Mr. Angus Clegg was the first to be buried in 1938.

The spruce grove on the school grounds was on the north side of the cemetery. The spruce on the east and south sides and the ash and maple to the west of the cemetery were planted about 1946.

Special mention must be made of the contribution of time, thought, and care made by the late Angus Lawrie to the cemetery. Bill Jones has continued to see that the cemetery is taken care of.

The cemetery gates were installed in memory of the early pioneers of the district and his parents, by Mr. AW. Moffatt in 1969.

There are over one hundred graves in the Brookdale cemetery in 1985. The present cemetery board members are Isabelle Bonnett, R.W. Jones, Don Craig, and Bert McDonald.


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