Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The Glenburney Cemetery committee was formed in 1902. The land set aside was on S.W.

24-13-17. There were five trustees nominated, one of them to retire each year and his place to be filled by vote. "Moved by Wm. Sherritt, seconded by Wm. Channon, the following be appointed trustees: T.J. Connell, Jas. A. McKee, Andrew Allan, Daniel Eamors, John Fallan. Carried." From the minutes of November 22, 1902, "Moved by J.A. McKee, seconded by A. Allan that the price of a plot 8 ft. x 16 ft. be $5 until January 1, 1903, after that date $6 and a single grave be $3." Mr. Wemyss was consulted to obtain the deed for the property. Rev. T.J. Small attended the early meeting but there was not any mention as to his church affiliation.

A fence of six bar page wire and cedar posts was constructed around the cemetery in 1903. A building 10 x 12, shiplap sides, ~ pitch roof was erected on the grounds by volunteer labour in 1909.

Meetings became annual affairs after 1905 with such motions as, "The members pay the small sum of one dollar for improvement of cemetery." For 1915 "That J.W. Allan be paid $3 for plowing and harrowing the fire guard." "June 9, 1932 That they have a bee on June 20 to clean up the cemetery." The cemetery was used less and less by the residents as the larger towns had regular church and ministers. Some of the last people to be buried in Glenburney cemetery were Alex McKee in 1939 and Jock Stewart in November 1941.

Since then several meetings and resulting work parties have cleaned up the grounds. In 1965 the fence was repaired and the size of the grounds was reduced. Attempts have been made to keep the cemetery tidy and the headstones intact.

Eric Mawson, Allan McKee and Wm. Gash were the trustees elected in 1965.

The Municipality of Odanah took over the responsibility of the cemetery. Marlene McKee has been responsible for mowing the grass and painting the fence posts for the past five years.


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