Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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1877 The beginning of a series of wet springs.

1915 - Year of the big crop.

1917 Introduction of income tax - temporary war measure.

1929-30 1935 Start of the "dirty thirties" Rust epidemic - many wheat fields burned.

First rust resistant wheat.

Hoof and mouth outbreak in Saskatchewan caused a rapid fall in cattle prices.

Approximately three feet of snow came and stayed around the seventh, eighth, and ninth of October. Many people had to go miles to obtain bedding straw for livestock. Flax crops that were out were ruined.

Hailstorms (2). A big wind with the 2nd on the 19th of July blew a freight train off the track, on the Lucas grade, east of Ingelow.

Hot dry summer (no rain at all).

May 1st blizzard (worst in years).

One of the heaviest crops on record.

Also one of the coolest summers and wettest August - 12 inches on record.


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