Quest in Roots:
Brookdale Manitoba History

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The underground water supply varies within the Brookdale area, much as the soil and soil type varies.

The heavy soil to the north and west of Brookdale tends to have surface potholes, surface drainage in the form of creeks with dependable potable water found only in gravel beds or along creeks. In lighter loams and sands to the southeast, there is a large underground lake located in the sand subsoil and can be located anywhere with a sandpoint. In the interval between the higher land to the northwest and the leveler land to the southeast, the sub-surface water is usually plentiful and close to the surface.

Dugouts are a source of water retention for domestic use in the area north and west of Brookdale, usually being located along creeks or beside sloughs.

The surface drainage is generally in an easterly and northeasterly direction, through a series of creeks into the Whitemud River system.

The White mud Watershed district has been instrumental in clearing the silt out of creeks, protecting farm land from flooding, making more arable farm land through draining sloughs and reseeding erosion prone areas. The watershed''s efforts have hopefully gained control of flooded basements in Brookdale and surrounding area that were common through the decades of the 50''s, 60''s and 70''s. Time will tell whether their efforts have also caused water shortages in the area northwest of Brookdale.

A community well situated in Brookdale is widely used in spraying time by many farmers in Brookdale and surrounding areas, and as a dependable source of water for livestock and domestic use for farmers, north and west of Brookdale.


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