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Author's Acknowledgements

This history of the Rural Municipality of Rhineland was largely researched and written during the period from May to December in 1983. It would not have been possible to produce this book in such a short time without the help and assistance of many people. Their help is greatly appreciated. I am also grateful to the Rhineland Municipal Council, who not only gave me the opportunity to become involved in a project that I was interested in, but also allowed me the freedom to pursue my conception of what the book should be.

Throuhout the project I was aided by the work of the Rhineland History Book Committee consisting of: William 1. Kehler, John Rem­ pel, Louis Pokrant, Elma Kehler and Jake C. Fehr. Not only did they aid in the research and the collection of photos, but they carefully read over the manuscript. A special thanks is also due to Marie Friesen for proofreading the copy. Also providing research help were students Linda Blatz, Ruth Nickel and Arlene Petkau, who in the summer of 1982, microfilmed and catalogued many of the Municipality's docu­ ments, and undertook an oral history project of the municipality.

A number of institutions were also very helpful in the research and writing of Rhineland's history. These include the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives, the Provincial Archives of Manitoba, the Provincial Library, the Red River Valley Echo, and C.S.P. Foods. The author and the committee would also like to acknowledge the assistance of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Historical Resources for funding through their Local Histories Grants Program.

Thanks are also due to Ruth Winkler who allowed me access to the Howard Winkler Papers in the Provincial Archives of Manitoba, Peter D. Zacharias who allowed me to consult his soon to be published history