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Barbershop and pool hall in Plum Coulee in which W. Reichert barbered for 40 years. It was in this pool hall in 1913 that Reichert pleaded with Jacob Krofchenko, the bank robber, to go straight. The very next day Krofchenko robbed the Plum Coulee bank and shot and killed the manager.

people, providing little of the competitive commerce that typified Winkler. Plum Coulee also suffered a setback when Homdean was established four miles to the east of it. The CPR had not really wanted to erect a siding at this point, but local farmers' petitions won out and by 1911 a siding along with a store and elevator had been built. While Homdean never developed into much more than a grain shipping point, it seriously cut into Plum Coulee's hinterland. 29

Fig. 20 Origin and Religion of Plum Coulee Inhabitants 1901 & 1911

Origin 1901 1911 Religion 1901 1911
British 42 24 Roman Catholic 10 42
German 308 260 Anglican 5 1
Polish 0 20 Presbyterian 76 12
Russian 7 4 Methodist 13 15
Jewish 37 70 Baptist 23 2
Other 0 2 Mennonite I 19 118
Lutheran 105 100
Jewish 37 70
Other 6 20

Source: Census of Canada

Rosenfeld, like the other centers, grew little after 1900 despite the opening of new farm lands through improved drainage. Drainage, however, did not help Rosenfeld's fortunes as much as had been ex­ pected and it failed to lure much trade from Plum Coulee.