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When World War I broke out Mennonite communities in Rhine­ land were ill equipped to deal with the disruptions which followed in its wake. Serious divisions throughout the community prevented a con­ certed defense of their privileges and values. Not only were there divisions between the Bergthaler and Reinlaender Churches, but the MEl controversy had created divisions in the Bergthaler community. There were rural-urban divisions, rivalries between towns, and when the Mennonites spoke to governments it was not as a single voice but as a number of individual groups. Even in the political realm Mennonites were almost evenly split among the Conservative and Liberal camps.

The war, however, also created a climate of opinion among English Canadians, who had little tolerance for the educational concerns of German speaking pacifists. Delegations and petitions went unheeded and the residents of Rhineland were faced with a decision to either accommodate or emigrate.


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