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Dr. H. McGavin. One of Plum Coulee's best remembered figures is Dr. Hugh McGavin. Born November 14, 1874 at Paisly, Ontario, McGavin moved to Prairie Grove, Manitoba in 1877. After complet­ ing Medical College in 1902 he came to Plum Coulee because he heard that the town needed a doctor. From that point on until March 18, 1958, when he died, McGavin served the Plum Coulee area delivering an estimated 6,000 babies. During the severe outbreak of influenza in 1918 he often worked twenty four hours a day. Always keenly interested in politics, Dr. McGavin also served as MLA for the Morden-Rhineland Constituency from 1926-1930.

version, a separated Christian life and a missionary spirit swept through Sommerfelder congregations. In 1934, revival meetings led by Rev. Issac P. Friesen from Rosthern, Saskatchewan introduced new forms of worship such as evening meetings to the area. This growing movement eventually led to a split in the Sommerfelder Church.

Dr. Lambert Breidenbach. Raised in Ken­ ora, Ontario, Dr. Breidenbach entered Medical College in Winnipeg in 1906 and graduated in 1912. After Graduation he set up his practice in Altona and for many years was the public health officer in the municipality. He retired in 1952 after 40 years of dedicated service.

Credit: W. J. Kehler