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Volostand Municipality: The R.M. of Rhineland, 1884-1984

This book is an attempt to explain the history of the area encompassed by the Rural Municipality of Rhineland in relation to province and country. It is not simply an examination of municipal ac­ tivities and politics , but a local history of the area and people from the time of settlement to the present day. While the story concentrates on the Mennonites who make up approximately ninety per cent of the population, they are not con­ sidered apart from the German Lutheran settlers and businessmen around Rosen­ feld, Plum Coulee and Gretna; the Ro­ man Catholics, Presbyterians and Jews in the various trading centers of the mu-


nicipality; or the Anglo- and French

Canadian settlers to the east and west of the municipality.

Based on extensive research in orizi-


nal and secondary sources and oral inter-

views, this book tells the story of the early settlement of the municipality in the 1870's and 1880's, the adaptation of Russian Mennonite institutions and set­ tlement patterns to the Canadian prai­ ries, economic and agricultural develop­ ments, and the internal group conflicts as well as the conflicts with the larger Canadian society. As such Rhineland's history offers an illuminating example of group settlement in the Canadian west and the process of Canadianization of immigrant settlers who sought to main­ tain their identity while at the same time adapting to the society around them.

The book is written for a general audience, and is one of the projects of the R.M. of Rhineland in commemorating their centennial.