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G. H. Peters - Principal of the MCI 1935-1948 - Following the death of H. H. Ewert in 1935, G. H. Peters took over the direction of the school and guided it through the rough periods of the 30's when it was not known if the school would survive. When he took over the school in 1935 there was only an enroll­ ment of 48 but by the time he retired in 1948 this had risen to 114 students. He also presided over the building of a new school in 1946. Mr. Peters was born on December 14, 1889 in the village of Schoensee, in the Molotschna Men­ nonite settlement in southern Russia. Graduating from the Halbstadt Ped­ agogical School in 1908 and the Pe­ trograd Teachers Institute in 1913, he taught in the commercial school in Alex­ anderkrone for 11 years. In 1924 he and his family emigrated to Canada and Mr. Peters continued his studies at MCI and Normal School in Winnipeg and finally at

University of Manitoba. In 1926 he joined the staff of MCI under H. H. Ewert where he remained until retirement in 1948. He continued the same principles as Mr. Ewert stressing German, Religious training and character building. He also strove against any form of modernism which was beginning to make itself felt in Mennonite circles. This picture was taken in 1927 when Peters was a teacher at the MCI. He died in 1972.

Credit: CMCA

Flecka Dack at Halbstadt Store -1950. Flecka Dack was a sale day in a few districts where large amounts of cloth remnants were sold cheap to make quilt covers.

Credit: H. H. Sawatsky