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Another major concern and expense for the municipality was road construction and maintenance. The municipality remained committed to provide a gravel access road to every homestead, but increased traffic from heavy school buses and farm trucks necessitated provincial action that was slow in materializing. Provincial Trunk Highway Number 30 between Gretna and Rosenfeld was eventually rebuilt and paved, but repeated requests to improve PR 421 and PR 201 to provide a second link between Highway 30 and Highway 75 resulted in little action.

In an effort to get some action, a citizens' committee was formed in 1968 to lobby the government to improve PR 421. Heavily used to transport grain, sugar beets, sunflowers, milk and other farm products to market, it also served as a vital school bus route after the larger secondary and elementary divisions were introduced in 1963 and 1972. This increased traffic often left the road in hazardous condition. With the support of the Rural Municipality, this citizens' committee regularly petitioned the provincial government between 1968 and 1978 with few results. This lack of provincial response, along with drainage problems convinced many that the province was ignoring rural needs."

This dissatisfaction with the province also encompassed an incip­ ient rural-urban division in the municipality. As Altona grew rapidly in the 1970's conflicts between the town and rural residents arose over expansion. One such dispute arose over the construction of the Altona lagoon. The Rural Municipality had given permission to the town to build a lagoon outside the town limits in 1971, after the town had promised the lagoon would not cause any unpleasant odours to area farmers. Persistent complaints, however, convinced the municipality to turn down the plan to expand the lagoon in 1977.25

Municipal Snow Plow -1960's -I. to r. Ed Toews, Henry W. Dueck, Bernard W. Penner, August Lang and William E. Dueck.