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The oldest Mennonite Church building in Western Canada. Built in 1876 in the village of Reinland within the first year of settlement, this solid oak building served the Reinlaender Mennonite Church until 1925. From 1926 to 1968 it was used by the Blumenorter Mennonites. Today it still serves as Reinland's community centre. The photo was taken before its exterior was remodeled in the mid 1940's.


secular and state enforced punishment, and a revival of leadership according to a Christian order." This included prohibitions against higher learning and a return to the old method of singing.

Some degree of organization existed in the Reinlaender Church as early as the brotherhood meeting at Fort Dufferin in 1875. According to this meeting there was to be only one Church and one colony admin­ istration on the West Reserve, and the two were inseparable. This understanding, however, began to be challenged in the late 1870's as Bergthaler Mennonites, who did not see themselves as part of this order, began arriving from the East Reserve.

In an attempt to resolve this issue another brotherhood meeting was called in 1880 where all who wished to be a part of the Reinlaender Mennonite Church were asked to reaffirm their commitment and follow the Church's teachings. All families were asked to make a decision to stay or leave. Many chose not to join and later joined the new Bergthaler Church on the West Reserve. 17

While the day to day administration of village and colonial affairs was left to the Schulzen and Obervorsteher, major directions were under