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point candidates for the municipal positions and the government would duly confirm them. This suggestion was accepted and in May of 1880 Issak Mueller was appointed the Warden of the Municipality of Rhine­ land along with six Mennonite councillors. Mueller then proceeded to collect vital statistics and have maps drawn of all villages as prescribed by the government.

Jacob Giesbrecht and Family - Jacob Giesbrecht was born on January 2,1842 in the Chortitza Colony in Russia. Baptized in 1863 he married Anna Fehr in 1865. In 1872 they moved to the newly settled Fuerstenland Colony living in the village of Michaelsburg. After emigrating to Canada in 1875 they settled in the village of Reinland, and their home became an important stopping place for travellers passing through on the Post Road. He was a prominent member of the village becoming Schulze for a time, and in 1884 became a charter council member of the newly formed R.M. of Rhineland. In 1885 he also became the first Mennonite Reeve of the Municipality. He also operated the windmill in the village of Reinland grinding both barley and wheat. The mill was patronized by local people as well as American residents from the Walhalla area. He died in 1911, and his wife Anna died in 1930.