Family Histories
of the Swan River Valley
Manitoba, Canada
Pioneer Centennial
History Book
100 Years in the
Swan River Valley
1898 - 1998

Carl and Caroline Antichow

In 1931, Carl Antichow, at the age of sixteen years moved from Saskatchewan to farm with his brothers Joe and Mike in the Lenswood area. After seeing this beautiful valley for the first time he was really impressed with its beauty and with the friendliness of the people, he decided this would be a good place to live.
The next few years were spent clearing the land with his brothers and enjoying the hard years of the thirties such as after a hard day’s work walking to a ball game or walking or driving a horse to attend a dance.

The most enjoyable were the school picnics where they met many people from surrounding districts; Lens, Brierly, Craigsford, Bowsman, Birch River, and McKay. Friendliness was bountiful, those were the happy years, no one worried about money-there wasn’t any. The admission was twenty-five cents for men and the ladies supplied the lunch, everyone enjoyed the gatherings. The Lord provided them with plenty to eat, fish from the rivers, plenty of big game like deer, moose, and even elk, also many people grew a good garden with plots of potatoes. They were never hungry in those years.

It was during those years Caroline Koch, fourteen years of age, moved with her family from Dropmore, Manitoba to the Birch River area to farm.
In 1936 Grandpa bought his own farm and commenced his own operation. He met Grandma in 1937 and in 1943 they were married. During the following fourteen years they had four children. Janice, Garry, Monty, and Judy.

The years flew by swiftly, working, farming and relaxing with shows at the old Lenswood Hall, ball games and many other community entertainments and dances.
Janice is married to Roy Crowther and lives in Bragg Creek, AB. She has three grown sons; Chad, Sean, and Wade.

Garry and Sandra live in Lenswood and have three daughters.

Corinne is married to Barry Bateman and they live in Durban. Carla and Gena are both employed in Swan River.

Monty and Sue live north of Birch River. They have two daughters, Kari (Rob, Carson and Karli) in Brandon, Rhonda (Blair, Brett) in Winnipeg, two sons, Scott in Edmonton and Trevor in Winnipeg.

Judy and Clarence live in Lenswood and have three children, Shayna, Cale, and Shandy.

In May of 1996, Grandpa passed away and shortly after Grandma moved off the family farm and now resides at Birchwood Place in Birch River. The Carl Antichow family are very thankful to our Lord to have had the opportunity to live and visit with friends in this beautiful Swan River Valley.

Submitted by: Carla Antichow


Manitoba's Swan River Valley is an area rich in history. These family histories were a part of the 1998 Pioneer Centennial History Book project. If you would like the history of your area available online, have your historic group contact the Key Rock Group for information on electronic publication. We offer publication free of charge and also provide the option for making your history book available on CD.