Family Histories
of the Swan River Valley
Manitoba, Canada
Pioneer Centennial
History Book
100 Years in the
Swan River Valley
1898 - 1998

James and Jeanie Buchanan

James Boyd was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland October 6, 1875 and his wife Jeanie who was born in Motherwell, Scotland March 15, 1885.

Mr. Buchanan and his mother Mrs. Janet Buchanan and two eldest children Betty and Ludovic (Vic) came to Canada direct to Minitonas, Manitoba October 1907. Then he went back to Montreal the next spring, May 1908, to meet his wife Jeanie and son Bill who were unable to come earlier due to Bill being too young to travel.
The family lived for a short time on the Weir farm one mile east of town. From there they homesteaded in the Oakhurst district where Betty and Vic went to school for about three years. Then they moved into Minitonas There they spent the rest of their long and fruitful lives and the rest of the family was born there.

Mr. Buchanan had a butcher shop in the village for many years. He was also active in community sports and affairs,serving on the council, and then mayor for four years until he retired in 1954. He was a trainer for the Minitonas Thistles Football Champions of Manitoba in 1907 and 1908, was an ardent curler, a sport that most of the family were both active and successful in; and some still are.

He was a life member in the Masonic Lodge - Old Monklan of Glasgow, Scotland and a Charter member of Favel Lodge at Minitonas and has his Diamond Jewel for 60 years. He was also an Oddfellow and an Orange Man. Two of his sons, Bill and James were members of the Shrines Lodge and daughters Jessie and Molly were and are Eastern Star Chapter members.

Mrs. Buchanan was a devoted mother and and ardent letter writter. She kept in touch with all her large family and she wrote to many, many of the boys over seas during the two wars. She was a member of the United Church and a beloved Granny to so many of the young people in town.
She passed away in October 1969, after raising a family of fourteen children. They are:

JessieSmith (Clifford) Swan River, MB.
Archie Buchanan (Ariel) Atikohan, Ont.
Fraser Buchanan (Ann) Prince Albert, S.K.
Margaret Brillinger (Calvin) Victoria, B.C.
Maxine Fennsson (Hal) Dallas, Texas.
Myra McLure (Lorne) Abbotsford. B.C.
Betty Falconer (George) deceased
Vic Buchanan (Florence) deceased
Bill Buchanan (Lil) deceased
James Buchanan (Peg) deceased
Jean Chapman (Fred) deceased
Molly Johnston (Bert) deceased
Donald Buchanan (Bernice) deceased
Cameron Buchanan deceased

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