Family Histories
of the Swan River Valley
Manitoba, Canada
Pioneer Centennial
History Book
100 Years in the
Swan River Valley
1898 - 1998

Joseph and Annie Beaumont

Joseph Beaumont was born in Yorkshire, England on August 13, 1880. He had five brothers and two sisters. He was a butcher by trade. He first came to Canada and worked on the railway. In 1905, he went back to England and married Annie Dickinson. In 1906, they came back to Canada and lived on the outskirts of Winnipeg, where Joseph worked on the streetcars. A daughter Viola (Abrahamson) was born on May 20, 1908. Life was very difficult, and in 1909, they returned to England. Another daughter Louie (Vetters) was born June 1, 1910 while they were still there. In 1911, they moved back to Winnipeg where Joseph worked as a butcher. They came to the Big Woody District of the Swan Valley in 1912 and stayed a short time. During this time, Joseph and 4 year old daughter Viola made a round trip to Winnipeg by horse and buggy. A daughter was born in 1912, died, and they returned to Winnipeg to live. The only son, Joseph (Joe) was born Dec. 30, 1914. In 1918, the family moved back to the Swan Valley and lived in the Little Woody area. On August 3, 1919, daughter Norma (Lamberton) was born. In 1920, they bought a quarter of land in the Little Woody District NW 5-37-28w. Annie stayed on the farm with the children and looked after the farm. Joseph Beaumont stayed in Winnipeg and worked in a Butcher Shop. He came home to the farm once or twice a year. A daughter Dorothy (Eggie) was born on June 2, 1922 on the farm.
Joseph bought a farm at Keewatin, ON in 1930 and he worked as a butcher in the town of Keewatin. He moved into the town in 1938. One daughter, Norma and her husband Jim Lamberton lived on the farm for a short time after they were married.

Annie Dickinson was born Dec. 2, 1880 in Yorkshire, England. She had 4 sisters and 3 brothers. Annie worked in a Drapier Shop from the time she was 14 years old until her marriage in 1905. She became head lady of the Drapier Shop. She met Joseph Beaumont on the train when she was going to school, and he was going to work. They rode the same train each day.

Annie adapted herself to the farm life in Canada. After her children were grown up, Annie moved to Vancouver in 1943. She worked at a service station until 1945, when she came back to the Swan Valley for a short time. She returned to Vancouver and worked at the same service station until 1950 when she received her pension. After all these years, she then moved with her husband, Joseph. In 1960, they moved to Vancouver to live with son Joe. They both passed away in 1962.

Viola (Clarence Abrahamson) lived on the farm in the Little Woody District and retired to Swan River. She had one child who died young. Viola and Clarence are both deceased.

Louie (Fritz Vetters) lived in the Crestview District until war time, and moved to Winnipeg where Louie worked in a gyproc factory and Fritz for Ogilvie Flour Mills. Louie & Fritz are deceased. They had one son Jerry who is also deceased.

Joseph (Anne Mills) worked for the R.M. of Swan River, spent 2 years in the Sudbury Nickel Mines, worked in Swan River with trucking and then moved to Vancouver, BC where he worked as a heavy equipment mechanic. Joe is now deceased. They had one daughter named Gail.

Norma (Jim Lamberton) farmed in the Big Woody District and Jim worked as a carpenter until they moved to North Vancouver in 1970 where Norma managed an apartment block. Norma lives in a Senior Citizens Home now. Jim has passed away. They had five children, Sandy, Sharleen (deceased), Duncan, Dick, and Jamie.

Dorothy (Jack Eggie) still lives on the Eggie Farm in the Big Woody District. Jack passed away in 1982. All eleven children and twenty five grandchildren except four grandchildren, live in the Swan River Valley. The childrens names are Alex, Glen, Margaret, Maurice, Lee, Barry, Viola, Lyle, Norman, David, and Lorraine.

Submitted by: Arlene Koch and Margaret (Eggie) Mitchelson


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