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Unknown, Alec McNeil, Geo. Klea, Sandy Cameron Photo courtesy Jack Cameron

You will note these were the days of 7 man hockey when every player played almost the full 60 minutes and there was no forward passing as there is today.


About the first we know of this beautiful island-dotted lake situated four miles west and ten miles south of the town of Boisse­ vain was in the early 80's when Mr. Geo. Morton erected a saw mill, about fifteen or twenty rods east of the present bath-houses, and a large boarding house for the men quite near.

This bit of industry was very welcome to the early settlers as it brought some much needed employment and a little money into the district. Most of the men's wages were taken out in lumber to build houses to replace the sod shacks used in homesteading duties. Much lumber from this mill and from Fox's mill at Desford was used to build the first houses and business places in Boissevain.

Mr. Morton had a small launch called "The Lady of the Lake," which held thirty or forty passengers and was used solely to give pleasure to his friends and visitors and was also at the service of S.S. picnics and other groups at a very nominal fee. This boat later became the property of Mr. Hurst.