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Drill Produced by Mrs. Caldbick - Back row, G. Cantelon, M. Doran, Mrs.

N. Norris, Ethel Venables, Miss Cassidy, Edith Doran, L. Syms;

Front row: Adele Robinson, Cecil Ashley, L. Cantelon, Alma Oke, C.

Ashley, Vera Sutton, E. Somerville.


Mr. and Mrs. Ashley came to Boissevain from Hanover, Ontario, in the year 1890 and Mr. Ashley commenced publication of "The Globe," our first weekly newsppaper.

Mr. Ashley learned the business in the early '80's and went by ox cart from Winnipeg to Edmonton, where he and Hon. Frank Oliver started "The Bulletin." Next he was on the night staff of "The Free Press"; later he was editor of "The Post" in Hanover, Ontario, and from there he removed to Boissevain with his wife and small famiJJy. Mr. Ashley continued publication of "The Globe" until 1914.

"Culture vs. Kultur" produced by Mrs. W. H. Ashley - 1915

Dennis Glover, J. M. Oke, F. Crowhurst, Miss Card, Mrs. R. S. Willis, Rose Sault, Ruth Bowering, Ola Hill, N. Sault, B. Johnston, Winona Howell, Mrs. C. Robertson, M argo Smith, Mildred Musgrove, Jessie Robertson, Mrs. Vi. Willison, Miss Hardy, Jas. Howe, Ben Hill, Wildred Latimer, Elsie Graham,

  1. Field:;, Mrs. M. V. Udall, Rev. G. Haywood, Mrs. Haywod, Mrs. A. Burgess,
  2. Thompson, Miss Henders, Mrs. C. C. Musgrove, Jean Little