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also kingbirds, cowbirds (a grey bird that took its name from the habit of riding on the backs of the cows), barn swallows and swal­ lows that built nests under the eaves of the houses were common. Plovers, snipes and crows were also among the birds I can remember.

My scattered memories are almost done. So much more could be written. Sometimes I say my memories are like a photo-film which has been doubly exposed, for many times as I watch the tremendous advance of invention and science, pictures of the days of then and now superimpose upon the things I see in these later days. One is not wise to regret progress but perhaps we who lived those early days may sometimes wonder if we are happier NOW than we were THEN, when homes had to be closely knit to exist 'at all.

The sagas of pioneer life, rugged as it was, difficult as those times were, are heroic tales, and this generation should not be allowed to forget or grow heedless of the sacrifices made by the fathers and mothers of the great west trails to give today's advan­ tages and security.

I would like to end my story with the words of a song I wrote some years ago, which were set to music by a Montreal musician and sung over the nationwide radio by the Vancouver "Balladeer."


By Georgia May Cook

When the wander-lust assailed him, and he said he had to go, That man of yours you wedded long ago;

But when the Great West Trails allured him and the East seemed

old and slow,

He never dreamed the heartache that you bore.

You never shed a tear-drop, not at least where he could see, You never let your fears his hopes assail,

But you packed up all and followed, for you loved him so, you see, You Mothers of the Great West Trail.

Chorus: Mothers of the Great West Trail,

Mothers of the Great West Trail,

Though leaving home and kindred far behind, you smiled . . . and came,

You Mothers of the Great West Trail. Mothers of the Great West Trail.

Through the long, long weary winters, through the summer's

blazing heat,

His cabin was his palace with you there,

His children played around you and your joy seemed all complete, For you told to GOD alone Your fear and care.

But the man you loved so truly only saw your cheery smile,