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The United Church, Boissevain


Peter Henderson was born at Beckwith County, near Carleton Place, Ont., on the 28th day of August, in the year 1860. He was the seventh child in a family of eleven born to Robert Henderson and his wife Janet McIntosh, whose ancestry orrginatedin Scotland.

He started working very early in life in a woollen mill near their home, and it was here that his elder brother Robert was killed by one of the machines at the age of 15. However it wasn't long until Peter decided to come west to take up land, and at the age of 21 he came to Manitoba in the company of W. H. Latimer and James Rae.

They came via Emerson to Darlingford, Man., and spent a night there at Wm. Storey's farm before continuing west. Now this turned out to be a strange coincidence, for on that very night they spent at Storey's a baby girl was born named Lillie Laura and this same girl, although 21 years younger, was later to become Peter Hender­ son's second wife, which will be mentioned later in this article.