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An Anniversary


Those gallant folk who blazed for us the trails of long ago, And left a wondrous heritage - this verdant land we know We honour them alike today, the living and the dead,

Our thoughts are turned to older times and olden ways instead.

Revealed again in memory's light the early days appear -

The long long treks by oxen team that brought the settlers here ­ We see their humble shanty homes of virgin prairie sod

Erected on the open plain where once the buffalo trod.

We sense again the loneliness - the unremitting toil That gain for them a livelihood from. virgin prairie soil, How little could they realize the progress of the plough

When first their oven broke the fields that tractors conquer now.

They never dreamed of comforts such as we enjoy today,

The endless tasks they had to do were done the hardest way; And yet they stayed and persevered and held their purpose true,

They started schools and churches where they raised their families, too.

This favored part of Canada - this region that we love ­ Was founded on integrity, and faith in God above,

And may we ever keep it thus through all the changing years

A fine and fitting tribute to our worthy pioneers.


Frances L. M. Code